DIY Princess Crown

DIY Princess Crown


In the Fall of 2019, I was pleasured to get to assist the lead costumer at my local theatre with a few costume items for their featured Christmas play, How Hans Christian Anderson Defeated The Snow Princess. I was asked to combine a prom dress, wedding dress and silver vest into an ice princess look, and then to create her crown.


For the crown, I walked around several Christmas decor sections at my local craft and grocery store. Sometimes I don’t know what items to use until I am inspired by what I see is available. I came across this silver glitter snowflake placemat and two sets of icicle ornaments at Meijers, knowing these were the perfect items. I was also given a container of plastic diamond gemstones and some E6000 glue to work with from the theatre. 

I keep inventory of headbands of different widths and styles at home, as they provide a great costume base for any headdress. Over a wide headband, I wrapped 3” wide silver ribbon and used hot glue to secure it on. I then cut the snowflake placemat in half and wrapped it at the top of the headband. I then hot glued each icicle ornament to the front, making sure it stood out about ¾” from the snowflake. I usually work in odd numbers, as they look more pleasing to the eye. In this case, I added 7 icicles to the crown front with both hot glue and the E6000 glue.  I added additional gemstones to the snowflake placemat for extra bling. 

Usually to finish off a crown, I will sew or glue on hair combs to the side, but in this case, the crown stayed on beautifully without any extra structure. I was quite pleased with the result, and so was the costumer and director! This crown is certainly one any princess would be pleased to wear!

Play Kitchen Oven Mitt

Play Kitchen Oven Mitt

I always thought I’d have daughters. I grew up with my two sisters and so I guess that’s what I expected I’d get. When God blesses me with two boys, I was kind of scared, as it was completely uncharted territory for me!
When my sons were little, I wanted to get them started on the idea of home economics. I thought since I enjoyed that as a little girl, they possibly would too. My husband and I got them the little IKEA kitchenette, and gave it a few upgrades.

I sewed a small apron and oven mitts for them to give them more dress up play opportunities. From the minute my sons donned the apron and oven mitts, they were in pretend baking heaven! They both loved that they could be “just like Mommy”, and act out the same things they saw me doing in the kitchen.

To me, these are quick and simple oven mitts, that can be made quickly, and from scraps you already have, or maybe up cycled from clothing you no longer want. Create memories and visual play with these great designs for the little one in your life!

Download your free Play Kitchen Oven Mitt and Instructions.

6 Days of Pinterest #2

6 Days of Pinterest #2

From this:
 To this:
 To this:
So simple. Just love it! And…it was free! Pinterest idea HERE on my board. (Just ask for the hangers next time you buy pants at the store… I found it easiest to just bend the ends back, making the clips just snap off).
Let there be no excuses for stale chips again!  : )
Make: Bathtub Crayons That Work

Make: Bathtub Crayons That Work

A few weeks ago, I got inspired by THIS picture from my Pinterest Board. Homemade Bathtub crayons.

I LOVED the idea. Read the real post on it. I took all the readers’ reviews and advice to heart and headed to Hobby Lobby.

I bought a bag of CLEAR GLYCERIN (soap row…8.99 for 32 oz…use coupon = 5.00), 3 gel paste food coloring (Wilton row….AmeriColor…1.49each) in LEAF GREEN, ELECTRIC ORANGE, & ROYAL BLUE. I only bought bright colors, since they recommended they show up the best in the tub.

Other items you will need: microwavable bowl (glass is best), plastic spoon, long ice cube tray (mine is from Ikea, but many say you can get this same ice cube tray for water bottles at a dollar store. Target may carry them too), and optional Essential Oils (but I forgot to add mine in..oops.).

Melt about 3 cubes of the soap bar glycerin (clear kind only) in a glass container in microwave at 30 second intervals, until completely melted. (One cube of glycerin made about 1 3/4 tub crayons. 3 melted cubes, for me, made a perfect set of 5 bath crayons of the same color). So, I made 5 blue, 5 green, and 5 orange in batches and it took a total of 9 glycerin soap bars.

Next: Add about 1/4 teaspoon of the gel paste food color (the Pinterest blog commented that regular food coloring did not allow the colors to come off on the tub as well as the gel paste did). You MUST work quickly from the microwave, to the food coloring mixing, to pouring!!!!! This stuff starts to harden fast! If it begins to congeal while you are still stirring in your color, then pop it back in the microwave for another 20-30 seconds. Mix coloring as completely in as possible. Pour coloring into ice cube trays.

It took barely an hour for mine to harden completely on the counter. But, it is best left to sit out for at least 4 hours at room temperature.

I had a little extra orange glycerin in my trials, so I made flower shaped crayons too.
Test Results:

First row: the Bright Orange crayon, when tile and crayon are dry
Second Row: The Leaf Green crayon, when tile and crayon are dry
Third Row: (my favorite):  The Royal Blue crayon, when tile and crayon are dry

Here is how the colors show up on our white tub. Pretty good.
And here is my cute “Crayon Tester”:

My 12 month old stood up right away, and seemed to know right away what to do with those bathtub crayons! Kept him occupied for an extra 15 minutes!!!

When the crayons get wet, you can see that it does create a BIG mess. I will make them completely a bath-only-toy. When the crayons fell into the tub, their color dye ran too, changing the tub water color instantly. And, these crayons should never be put into the mouth (the glycerin uunfortunately says not, non-toxic).

But, completely supervised, I say this recipe is a keeper for me. Only a little food-dye residue on his hands after a long, colored-on bath. No big deal for this Mommy (well, “yet” anyways).

And it does wipe clean very easily with water. So, for less than $10, you can probably have bathtub crayons for years, more to give away as gifts, and lots of bath time fun for your little ones!
HERE is another idea for bath time fun on my Pinterest board.
Oh, and I have been sewing…just will share that with you next : )!
Quick & Easy T-Shirt Necklace Tutorial

Quick & Easy T-Shirt Necklace Tutorial

Start with an old t-shirt. Make sure the lower half does not have any print or design on it, and one without any side seams. (Note: some pics below may appear a bit grainy, as I had to use a substandard camera at the time…so sorry!)
 Take a pair of scissors and cut strips horizontally, about 1″ in width. No need to be precise here, just cut.
 Take each strip in hand and pull from each end till fabric ring stretches out to its fullest/longest. The strip will roll up on itself, and become “tubular” in shape:
Then, compile all of your individual loops into one pile:
I gathered one side together in my hand. With a strip of leather, measuring approximately 12″-18″ long, I held the starting end lengthwise, and then started wrapping the leather snugly around the fisted loops:
(Note: You can buy leather at Michaels, Joann Fabrics, or a Tandy store)
 I kept wrapping the leather until I got about 5″, or so, from the end:
And when I got to the end, I tucked under my end piece. (Although a little glue gun or E6000 glue would help here as well):
Coil necklace in half, and you are ready to wear it! This blue t-shirt had a tan piece of leather. But, combinations of gray leather on a black t-shirt, or brown on a tan t-shirt would look good as well. Try different combinations!  

 Do you like mine? This idea has become pretty popular on YouTube. Here’s a great video tutorial on doing it. There’s also other ideas on creating t-shirt necklaces….HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Or, if you don’t want your old t-shirts anymore, just pass them along to me and I’ll start crafting with them!