DIY Princess Crown

DIY Princess Crown


In the Fall of 2019, I was pleasured to get to assist the lead costumer at my local theatre with a few costume items for their featured Christmas play, How Hans Christian Anderson Defeated The Snow Princess. I was asked to combine a prom dress, wedding dress and silver vest into an ice princess look, and then to create her crown.


For the crown, I walked around several Christmas decor sections at my local craft and grocery store. Sometimes I don’t know what items to use until I am inspired by what I see is available. I came across this silver glitter snowflake placemat and two sets of icicle ornaments at Meijers, knowing these were the perfect items. I was also given a container of plastic diamond gemstones and some E6000 glue to work with from the theatre. 

I keep inventory of headbands of different widths and styles at home, as they provide a great costume base for any headdress. Over a wide headband, I wrapped 3” wide silver ribbon and used hot glue to secure it on. I then cut the snowflake placemat in half and wrapped it at the top of the headband. I then hot glued each icicle ornament to the front, making sure it stood out about ¾” from the snowflake. I usually work in odd numbers, as they look more pleasing to the eye. In this case, I added 7 icicles to the crown front with both hot glue and the E6000 glue.  I added additional gemstones to the snowflake placemat for extra bling. 

Usually to finish off a crown, I will sew or glue on hair combs to the side, but in this case, the crown stayed on beautifully without any extra structure. I was quite pleased with the result, and so was the costumer and director! This crown is certainly one any princess would be pleased to wear!

6 Days of Pinterest #4-6

6 Days of Pinterest #4-6

 You know. Things don’t always work out. Like this post idea. So, instead of dragging it out further with a post I didn’t really plan all out correctly, I’m just going to cap this one off here, and move on. I have just a TON of stuff to share with you, and I am getting behind!  : ) But, then again, you didn’t know that, did you?

Pinterest Project # 4:
Homemade Goldfish Crackers (or gold bears, in my case):
 To me, they didn’t really taste like real goldfish crackers, but they were very yummy! My one year old loved them too! Will definitely make them again!
Pinterest Project #5: Tissue Paper Pompoms
I made these easy pompoms for 2 January parties I hosted HERE…. 
 and HERE:
Pinterest Projects #6 to whatever.
 I had perfected these bathtub crayons in my post HERE.
 And I loved these wax paper hearts from THIS idea.
And THIS idea is on my Pin Board too. I did do it, and LOVE my new soap dispensers! So fancy!
So, you know I love Pinterest right now! Thank you Amy and Sidney for getting me hooked! It’s a wealth of knowledge and never-ending crafts for me! I love it and I hope you do too!
Click HERE to see all of the awesome Pinterest-Inspired projects my sister has completed! You will be inspired by hers for sure!
Happy Pinning All!


I pinned THIS idea on my Pinterest Board, which led me to THIS blog.
I followed all most of her directions. I started with the TRAMPA rug from Ikea for $9.00.
It has a very high and thick pile. Perfect for my front door. Shouldn’t blow away like my last one, or two.
I don’t really have a proper word processor on my laptop, so I was unable to do it the “easy way” and print out my font big enough to use as a stencil. So, guess what? I had to draw it larger myself.

I usually don’t struggle with lettering, but this time getting it right was a chore. And since I couldn’t seem to get it perfect, I gave up and just used it anyways.

Thank you, Amy, who has everything I need (and vice versa) just across the street….for the black spray paint to finish my project.
 In the basement I laid down my stencil, used painters tape to hold my stencil down on the rug, and covered the rest in newspaper.

 And I sprayed it. twice.

 And, well…good enough.

 I love it.

And I even think I’ve gotten a few people to chuckle as they come to my front door! Now that is what I was going for! Thank you, Pinterest! Are you following me on there yet????? Sign up in my sidebar…and wait two weeks, or give me your email below, or on facebook, and I’ll “invite” you! Happy Pinning!

My Valentine!

My Valentine!

 A few days ago I received a large box in the mail. I was excited and surprised to receive a gift just for me! And my husband, who is serving so faithfully in Afghanistan, had the love and thoughtfulness to chose a gift and have it mailed to me to enjoy by Valentine’s Day. He is truly my sweet man! We will be married 8 years this July, and he is still every bit as loving and thoughtful as the day I married him! I love you, Steven!
Now to take that leisure bath, while my little sleeps. uninterrupted. hopefully.
Thank you so much, my Beloved! I love you more than you’ll ever know!
A few pictures from Valentine’s Day here “behind the scenes” of a party my Mom and I threw for my wonderful nephews and niece! What a party!!!! Be watching my sister’s blog, TUNE MY HEART, for how the rest of the party went. There were “hearts” galore, and lots of happy children!
The decorations (thank you, Amy!) showing through in the morning sunrise. I saw it and went, “Aww!”
2 boxes of crayons grated to do THIS craft project.
It turned out great! They looked even better the next morning in the light! I also made THESE. So easy to make, but I didn’t take a picture or string them up. I just threw them at the kids : )!

And how was your Valentine’s Day? Funny, we haven’t celebrated Valentine’s Day much in the past, but it has given me an excuse to take an extra moment to focus even more on the ones I love, and to say thank you! I love you all!
And …I completely dove into Pinterest this past week to steal some Valentine’s Day craft ideas, like the one above. Stay tuned for even more DAYS FILLED WITH PINTEREST.
Monkey Birthday Party!

Monkey Birthday Party!

It was a great first celebration of our son turning ONE! Even with all the snow and ice we had here in Ohio, I was so thrilled and blessed that so many family members made it to his party! What a great time we had! And thank you to all my family who came and made it a super special day to remember!!!!
I mean, your only baby turns only ONE, once, right? This time is so priceless!
Another HUGE blessing this day was getting to Skype with Steven/Daddy during the party…all the way from Afghanistan! We sang happy birthday together and Steven watched Nathan have help blowing out his first birthday candles! I’m sure neither of us will ever forget it! (**tears**)
I carried a “monkey” theme throughout the party with my decorations (and so to make it easier, these decorations look very similar to my baby shower decor from last weekend):
And my Dad made a wonderful cake (he’s our family “cake boss”)! :
And I made some food:
corn muffins, to go with the chili.
Spinach, Pasta & Almond Salad. Yum.
And baked macaroni & cheese. (and pizza, not pictured)
And some “monkey” favors for the kids:
And “monkey” food favors for the adults:
(Twizzlers= monkey vines, Banana Chips= monkey snacks, and
Chocolate Covered Banana pieces= monkey bits)
“Thank you” to Pinterest for your inspiration for this!
And our amazing ONE year old… on deciding how to eat his first piece of birthday cake (hands free):
And some of my favorite people: my family.
(I stenciled a monkey design on Nathan’s shirt for his party.
 And the kids even entertained themselves by creating superhero capes out of tape and tissue paper (this craft was purely all the kids imagination): They all looked like they had a great time too!
And Mommy, with her ONE year old little monkey:
 We are so excited to watch you grow, our precious son! Daddy and Mommy love you so very much! Happy Birthday Nathan!
A Shower for Angie & baby Hannah

A Shower for Angie & baby Hannah

I hosted a party on Saturday for a VERY special friend, who’s soon to have her 2nd baby soon. I am SOOOOO excited for her! Baby Hannah will be born anytime between Angie’s 3 due dates of:  Jan 26, Feb 3, or March 6th…or well, whenever the Lord says she’s ready to come!
What a great time I had getting ready for the party! With the help of both my creative sister and friend, it all came together so well! Thank you Amy & Johanna for all of your help, creative ideas, and decorations! You both inspire me constantly!
Shower Preparations: 1) Making Tissue Pompoms

directions HERE on my Pinterest board for how to make these easily yourself. The paper lanterns were from Beloved Dollar Tree.
2) Creating Personalized Frames to decorate with:

3) Creating  a Paint Chip Banner:


4) Making Paper Cone Favors for the guests:
Johanna covered these awesome clothespins with scrapbook paper, following my tutorial HERE.
She also helped me by designing these darling paper cones to become favors for the guests. Some were filled with candy, and others were filled with a small beauty kit of a nail file, nail polish, and chapstick. We made the cones by our self-made pattern, but HERE is a good tutorial to follow.
5) Creating Flag Banners:
This great idea was from my sister, Amy! It was so simple, lovely, and made a great decorative addition to my semi-plain living room. I used fabric from my already growing stash, cut the triangles, and sewed them on in a quick row on a piece of ribbon. HERE is where Amy recommended the idea from. LOVE it!
6) The Food Tables:

I used 2 white bed sheets to cover the table, with empty boxes underneath to tier certain food items. A huge “thank you” to Amy, who let me borrow her self-made cake stands, & ton of decorations! I also used several wooden toys Nathan already had in his toy arsenal. And, “thank you” to Johanna too, who helped me make some of the delicious food and punch!
7)The Gift Table:

&…  8)The Party. I know…Finally.
The guest(s) of honor:
The guests:
Playing games:
And taking pictures with close friends:
I love you, Angie! It was such a delight to plan, decorate, and host your shower! We are so excited with you to welcome baby Hannah soon!