Painted Whale T-Shirt

Painted Whale T-Shirt

I started with a t-shirt I bought from Walgreens.  Lighter colored t-shirts work better, as the fabric paint shows up more noticably.
First, I started by cutting a piece of FREEZER PAPER (available at any grocery store), to the size I wanted my design to cover, on the front of the t-shirt:
I was inspired by THIS painting done by Senn & Sons owner, Kimberly Senn. I loved its simple charm. I wanted to copy her same design, but make it a little more girl-like by painting it in a different color scheme. In order to copy her work, I used a pencil and divided my piece of freezer paper into 3 sections:
I then sat with her picture open on my Nook Color, and drew on my paper the designs that were in her three different paintings:
Next, cut out your penciled design with an x-acto knife. I always place a piece of cardboard (or a healing mat) under my design before I cut.  I usually have priority mail boxes on hand (to mail stuff to Steven), so I usually use those.
Once it’s cut out, decide which pieces you want to be painted. For mine, I decided I wanted the whale image to be the same color as the t-shirt, and the negative space (the space around the whale), to be colored. Place your image parts onto the t-shirt (shiny side down), and with an iron on cotton setting, gently run iron over your design. **Once ironed on, do not peel design off shirt:

I cut extra strips out and ironed around the edge, so I could have three separate color blocks like this:

Before I start painting, I always make sure to insert a piece of cardboard inside the shirt, so that the fabric paint won’t bleed through to the back side of the shirt:

I have my PEBEO Fabric paint, a nylon bristled brush, a towel, and some water, ready to begin painting:

I painted the yellow, washed my brush out, did the pink, etc… I do not ever mix water into my paint. I use the paint full strength. With the freezer paper adhered with the iron, its easy to stay in the lines!
Now I have painted all three color blocks in. I wait at least an hour for it to dry before removing (peeling off) the freezer paper stencil:
Here it is peeled off. Now I use my nylon brush again to touch up any areas that need a little smoothing, and I added the eye to the whale.
And here is how it turned out:
BUT….very important….to set your design, you must iron the front and back of the design after waiting 24 hours after you painted it on. When ironing over the front of the stencil, I use a cotton cloth underneath my iron, avoiding direct contact between the iron and the painted design:
Go ahead and give it a try! Even simple shapes like hearts or flowers can look very pretty on a t-shirt, a tea towel….or how about monogramming a bag for a friend as a gift?
Happy Stenciling!
My bithday gift.

My bithday gift.

This past Saturday I had the privilege of attending a birthday party for a terriffic 2 year old! Steven and I have some military friends from church who’s daughter was turning the big 0-2!  : ). From all the Pinterest pins I’ve been pinning and blog posts I’ve been inspired by, I knew right away what I wanted to make for Madelyn!
Maddie’s Gift: Part I: Buttoned Hair Ties:
 I know you would probably not be shocked to know I already had the supplies to do this craft. I saw this idea recently on one of my favorite blogs I follow HERE. (You will have to scroll down a few posts to see the hair ties – Dec 28th, 2011). There were no directions, but by looking at Amanda’s finished project, I knew just how she pulled them together. I love her material choices, don’t you?!!!

 Here’s how my buttons turned out.

 Then you need some hair bands in coordinating colors

 choose one band for each button

 Using a needle and matching thread to the hair band, sew through eyelet on back of button and secure to hair tie. My hair bands were elasticised fabric, so they were easy to sew through.

That’s it. Then, I looped one end of the hair band over the card, and over the button. The best gift is matching pairs, in case the little girl wears pig tails in her hair.
Maddie’s Gift: Part II: Flowered Hair Barretts:
 Found both of these items at Meijers. The flowers were on clearance in the crafts/scrapbook section. Great find!

 I removed the sticky back to each flower and just hot glue gunned each flower onto the barrett. That’s it. Very easy. And result = super cute!

Maddie’s gift: Part III: Painted Whale t-shirt:
 This yellow shirt above, with the help of some freezer paper, x-acto knife, and some paint, became this below:  (The blue shirt got stenciled for my son’s birthday, but more on that at a later time).
I will show you step by step how I made this whale in my next post. Soon to come! I fell in love with the whale painting HERE.
And, in the midst of all my happy crafting and getting ready to throw a baby shower this weekend and my son’s first birthday party the following weekend, I decided to do this: 

…to my bathroom. I know what you’re thinking…. And you’re completely right! I am really crazy. And I’ve not really been getting much sleep. But, I have been having fun. Even with this floor remodel. Well, guests are coming, and it can’t look like this! Ahh! So, stay tuned for a tutorial on how to stencil a t-shirt, and I’ll show you my bathroom floor completion….well, when I get it done that is. Haha!

Hope and pray you are all having a blessed week so far!

What A Day!

What A Day!

Wow! What a day!!! Was this REALLY January 6, in Ohio? It was like 50 something here today and simply amazing. I enjoyed just taking a moment. Taking a breath in of the fresh, warm air. Feeling the sun on my face. Rejoicing at hearing the birds’ sweet song!

Birds on a wire out my window…singing springtime songs to me! I love every minute of it!
I cherish the birds outside a whole lot more than I enjoyed having the one in my house earlier this year! Haha!
And just a “Sneak Peak” into some crafts I’ve been into these last few days!
…planning a baby shower.
…..making a garland with paint samples.

….soon-to-be barretts.

….lovely and simple. upcoming hair ties.
….waiting to be cut into a flag banner for N’s 1st birthday.

…and youth t’s, waiting for some fabric paint today.
If you live in Ohio, with me, I hope you too were able to take a moment in. today. to Relax. to Breathe. And to be thankful to the Lord for all that is around you.
Advent & Traditions

Advent & Traditions

With Christmas upon us, most people who have children  have gotten out their advent calendars already. Most people are now 6 days in to counting down to the big 25th, or becoming more nervous because they are not done Christmas shopping yet (I would think that is most people : )). Are you done yet? This snowman advent calendar is so cute from Potterybarnkids!
However, growing up, my sisters and I looked forward to always opening up a new “window” daily on one of these paper type advent calendars. These three are available HERE for only about $4.50 each.

One blog I really have enjoyed looking at frequently is Mayamade. I absolutely fell in LOVE with this advent calendar that she made for nearly “free” out of saved toilet paper tubes! I started to make this myself to feature on here, but quickly ran out of time. So, with permission, Maya allowed me to share her photos with you. Thank you, Maya!

Isn’t it beautiful? Go HERE to see how she made this 2010 countdown calendar.
This is her toilet roll advent calendar made in 2009. Go HERE to see how to make this one. My second favorite! What a great craft to do with your kids!
And Maya’s creative one made in 2008! See it HERE! Could you think of another way to use toilet paper tubes to create your own advent calendar? I’m thinking next year, Steven and I will definitely start this yearly tradition with Nathan. So excited!
One tradition my parents started with us when we were little was always lighting the Sweedish Angel Chimes on Christmas Eve, while my Dad read Luke 2 to us from the Bible. Some of my favorite memories! As adults, they have gifted each of us girls with an Angel Chime Set of our own to continue the tradition, and I love it! You can buy yours HERE, or just go take a look at the short video of how they work.
Around here, about 99% of presents are completed and wrapped. Nathan & I are not really counting down to Christmas, but instead, to days left until our Beloved Steven (Husband/Daddy) comes home to us! I absolutely couldn’t be more excited! It will just be a short visit, but I plan on making every day count!
Due to this wonderful news, my blog will be taking about a 2-3 week Christmas “vacation.” So, Thank you to all of my wonderful friends and faithful followers! I love you all! Your encouragements really keep me going!
Merry Christmas to you ALL!!!
All Homemade

All Homemade

Found this great new website called DIY Natural. Love it!!! I started making homemade concoctions right away from their site!
Their recipe for Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub & Lemon Sugar Scrub (from left my hands smelling and feeling so smooth and awesome!
And then I made this flexible-hold hairspray on the stove. I was using Pantene. I like this better. (I can’t seem to link to it, but go to
And because it was on their site, and my sister has used this forever & loves it….
….shampooing my hair with only baking soda. I’m in week two of trials. Liking it so far.
(also found at
And while this one is not on their site yet, my sister highly recommended it as well, so I’m giving it a try too….
….Facial toner using apple cider vinegar. There were MANY rave reviews and testimonials online about using this! I followed THIS recipe mainly (except mine has raspberry pomegranate green tea and about a Tablespoon of Witch Hazel as well).
Yea for Homemade and saving money! I’ve really started into the essential oils now…
And I’ve been using Jojoba oil on myself, and for my baby’s eczema, and it’s cleared it completely up! What will I make next? I can hardly wait!
If you try something out too, let me know what you think of the results!
A Clothing Tree!

A Clothing Tree!

I came across this fabulous idea in a craft book I recently checked out from the library, and then bought on my Nook Color called, Handmade Home, by Amanda Blake Seoule. This is called Nathan’s Clothing Tree. It is to be a memory keepsake for my Nathan, holding fabric memories of all the cute handmade items I made for him as a baby (or that he wore as a baby). I’ve also made THIS from her book too.

You were suppose to put iron-on interfacing on the tree trunk and each leaf first, then hand quilt it. I don’t have that kind of time right now with a little baby on my own, so out came the fabri-tac and the trunk and leaves got glued on. Then, the blanket stitch was added, in different colors, by my wonderful Singer sewing machine. And I was done with it in about 2 hours, instead of 2 weeks. Horray for shortcuts.

I put the clothing tree on a fabric background, and then cut down the fabric to fit inside the frame that I purchased at Hobby Lobby for $5.00. It’s an unfinished piece, but I’m leaving it that way for now. I also cheated and just taped the fabric to the back side of the cardboard.

Okay, so the only real work I did here was stitching Nathan’s name and birthdate on. Don’t bother noticing that the birthdate is a little off size-wise. I know. That was the second time I did it, and I’m not doing it again. I’m denying my need to be a perfectionist here. And that is perfectly fine with me.

And then I hung it the wall in his room…..And added these cute hooks underneath (also from Hobby Lobby).

And here’s what that corner nook now looks like. See the rest of Nathan’s room HERE.

Oh, and I forgot…it looks like there are a lot of leaves on the tree, but only 9 of them represent something I had made for him. My leaves for Nathan resembled: a bouncy seat cover, car seat cover, matching pj pants with Daddy, a diaper cover, his crib bumper, a layette he slept in, a changing pad, and Army pants to look like Daddy. I know what you’re thinking… he was my first. I will never have that kind of time on my hands ever again, right? : ) Well, you may be right, but I’m quite an avid sewer…even now. I just love it!