Princess Jasmine

Inspired by Disney’s Aladdin, I enjoyed creating a pattern full of glitter and gold.


An unlikely prince to go along with a princess. Inspired by Disney’s new Aladdin movie release, I created a costume to build A Whole New World for Jasmine.


I loved creating this Disney inspired Rapunzel costume. Using a beautiful purple satin fabric, paint and a corset type top, I was able to create a dress fit for a princess.

Contact me if you are interested in the pattern.


A warm hug is a great thing, no matter the time of year! This Olaf pattern is one of my favorite creations to date.

 Available in my Etsy store.

Elsa - Ice Princess

Let It Go!!  Inspired by Disney’s Frozen Princess Elsa, this is an easy and quick pattern to follow.

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Elsa - Coronation

The extended train in this Disney inspired Elsa Coronation pattern, makes this design a show stopper. I used the Elsa Ice Dress Pattern bodice and skirt along with stencils to create Elsa’s Coronation Day look.

 Available in my Etsy store

Once Upon A Mattress

A whole line of costumes created for the musical Once Upon a Mattress.


Once on this Island

A high school musical costume parade complete with The God of Death, Goddess of Love, God of Water, and Mother of the Earth.  My creative juices were flowing as we had a tiny budget and extravagant costumes to create!!


FROZEN - Cast of Characters

Inspired by Disney’s FROZEN, a cast of character costumes come together.

 Anna & Elsa pattern available

Beauty and the Beast

A group of high school students welcomed everyone to Be Their Guests as they put on the performance of a lifetime! Creating Belles ballgown and everyday dress was a dream come true!


Sofia the First

This pretty purple dress was my very first pattern design.  I will always love this dress as it is what started me on my pattern design journey.

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These costumes don’t fit into any one category. They are a combination of new and old inspirations.