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Jesse Toy Story Costume

Jesse Toy Story Costume

I spent a lot of time making my son’s Blue Jay costume for Halloween so I needed to come up with something for myself quickly. 

After looking in my closet and a quick trip to the thrift store and Walmart I had all I needed to create Jesse from Toy Story.


Supplies Needed:

  • Hat (Thrift Store)
  • Red spray paint  
  • White Shirt (Thrift Store)
  • Jeans  (Old Pair)
  • Red acrylic Paint
  • Belt
  • Cow print fabric 
  • Yellow fabric
  • Thick white ribbon 
  • White rope


I spray painted the hat red. After it dried, I hot glued a wide white ribbon around the top. 

I punched holes around the rim and threaded white rope through the holes.

I matched up the cow print fabric to my jeans and traced the front of each leg. 

I cut out a panel for each leg and then sewed the panels onto the front of my jeans.

I sewed yellow fabric to the top and cuffs of the white shirt.

I used red acrylic paint to add the trim and design to the top and cuffs of the shirt.

I braided my hair and used make up to add freckles to my cheeks. 

This was a quick and simple last minute costume.

Halloween success!

We Trick or Treat in my sister’s neighborhood each year. This year, my sister took all the kids around the neighborhood while my husband and I stayed behind to pass out candy.  I bought Moana for my niece and my little guy wanted to wear his pumpkin costume from last year. 

I had a blast! I loved seeing all the costumes from kids in the neighborhood!  

While my costume took an afternoon, my husband”s costume took weeks. I will have to write an entire post about how he created his HALO suit out of EVA Foam.


Memory Bear

Memory Bear

Hearing the Story

One day, my son’s teacher shared that she had lost her only daughter to a disease that took her life as a young adult. We were grief stricken for her. We became a listening ear, and a shoulder to cry on. Six months passed and she told me she had some of her daughter’s clothing saved and wondered if I’d be able to turn it into something she could hold onto in her daughters loss. What an honor to be asked to sew something like that. I listened to her talk about all the personality traits, favorites list, and core of who made up her daughter and how her husband and son were affected by her loss. Out of what she shared came a focus on three items that would become of sentimental value.

A Family's Treasure

 For the Mother, I wanted to make a memory bear out of her daughters favorite clothes. I supplemented extra fabric from some of her favorite colors and prints. 

For the father, I made a custom pillow, cut out of his daughter’s t-shirts. 

For the brother, I made a star ornament that he could cherish. As I got to work, I prayed peace and comfort over their family, and asked for wisdom for the Lord’s design on these projects.

Memory Bear

Finished Project

Each special item came together quickly and before long I was able to present my son’s teacher with these three gifts. She cried when she saw each item. I cried too! It was such a memorable time that I will never forget! I consider sewing items like that a true honor! Nathan has since graduated a few years later from his speech classes, but we still see his teacher and love on her still. Deep rooted bonds are never disconnected.

Sewing Process

For the bear pattern, I scoured Pinterest for the perfect looking, adorable bear. I came across the Joy bear and instantly fell in love.

  • Easy to print out.
  • Easy directions to follow.
  • Easy to sew.

I matched up the pattern pieces to the T-shirt pieces that I wanted to incorporate and cut them out. I bought a little green flannel and zebra print at JoAnn Fabrics to compliment the daughter’s style and favorites.

I made sure there were pieces her daughter wore. I made sure he was soft and fluffy and large enough to cuddle on any night she needed to be held close, and I made sure it was a reflection of all their daughter meant to them. 

Click on the image below to be taken to my Memory Bear Pinterest Page to get the pattern I used!

Summer Kids Shorts

Summer Kids Shorts

My sweet niece is in love with Paris! Her parents surprised the family with news that they would be traveling to Paris over the summer. My niece needed a Paris wardrobe fast! I love to sew for this beautiful little girl! 

I spent about 20 minutes sewing up a pair of shorts from Made Everyday to add to her Paris wardrobe.

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.

Summer Paris Shorts

I used fabric with Paris icons similar to this fabric from Amazon. 


summer paris shorts

This shorts pattern is so easy to follow that my 7 year old son made a pair for the neighbor girl down the street.

Summer Shorts
Kids sewing

  My beautiful niece in Paris, France!

Summer Shorts
DIY Blue Jay Costume

DIY Blue Jay Costume

Our oldest son started asking for a blue jay costume back in early 2017. At first I was excited, and thought I would make simple wings  he could fly around the yard with! But as most best intentions go, I didn’t even begin the project and the idea soon faded away. Every few months, my son would remind me about the costume and I started to feel guilty for saying I didn’t have time.

In September my son was still asking. So, with full assurance, I started on a Blue Jay costume for Halloween! 

 I  drew the design in my art journal to get a good idea of what the shapes would be for the costume. 

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.

I grabbed an old supply sheet we had from my husband’s work and cut out the general shapes of the bird body. I stapled the edges together and had Nathan slip into it. The costume was love at first sight for Nathan! After a successful sample pattern, I used  plastic template pieces to cut out the real body pieces from white blizzard fleece.

I sewed the body up, leaving a hole at the back neck for Nathan to step into. And I lightly stuffed the front belly and back tail area with ” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer” data-wplink-url-error=”true”>Fabri-Tac along the backside of the wing, overlapping them as I went.

I waited 24 hours for the wings to dry, and then used acrylic paints to apply the feather looking designs.

The acrylics make the fleece stiffen a bit and slightly hard to the touch, but they dry exceptionally fast and create vibrant colors. I used this same acrylic paint to give the bird body some color and simulated feather texture.

I ran out of black fleece, so I ended up using several sheets of thin, EVA Foam for the tail feathers. I painted them and glued them on with  Fabri-Tac.

And for the finishing piece, I created a lightweight head mask out of thin EVA foam. I started by making a paper pattern, and achieved the sizing by comparing it to one of the boys’ knight helmets. After knowing the paper sample hat fit, I used those pieces to then cut out of foam. I used contact cement to glue the foam pieces together. Once my mask was done, I added a few areas of acrylic paint to highlight it and hot glued on some feathers to the beak.

The shoes covers were also made of

The whole project took me about a week to complete and was a fun and definitely unique request to fulfill! I was thankful I had followed through on the project!

And maybe it’s just my bias, but I think his cuteness and uniqueness may just have awarded him extra candy on trick or treat night!




Sewing Simple Baby Gifts

Sewing Simple Baby Gifts

Baby Toys

These lovely giraffe rattles were inspired by Lotta Jansdotter, in her book, Simple Sewing For Baby. The baby can hear the gentle rattle of jingle bells inside, easily hold onto it’s trunk, and will LOVE to munch on its ribboned ears. They are sooo easy.. I made a small army!

Ribbon Tag Blanket also inspired by Lotta Jansdotter, in the same book, Simple Sewing For Baby. The blanket is about an 8″ square and easy for Baby to hold on to, and munch on the ribbons. Easy to machine wash too, and get rid of the germs!

Baby shoes inspired by Joanna of Stardust Shoes. She incredibly provides a pattern for free on her blog for home use (only). I have a special friend I intend to gift these adorable shoes to! 

These burp cloths were inspired by a favorite blogger, Erin, @ Sutton Grace

Bibs for him… I used Simplicity 2924, view F for this one. I usually wait until JoAnns is having a sale and buy the patterns for $1. or $1.99. Then I stock up : )! For the closure, I used cute button snaps. They come as a kit, and I used the backing fabric to cover each button snap!

Baby gifts ready to mail. I think I made all this (and a little more) in 2 days.. Sure do get lost in it all when I am having so much fun!!!! Where do the hours go? So….. I say, “Bébé bienvenu”! (Welcome Baby)! And, I hope you enjoy your handmade gifts, my friends!

Homemade Baby Gifts