Baymax Costume

Baymax Costume


When my boys were little we found joy in watching all the kid movies! The year Big Hero 6 came out, it was an instant hit with my boys! They instantly fell in love! I was at the height of my costume making, having just come off a very successful Frozen movie run, I couldn’t wait to pull off Baymax next.


I knew it needed to be large, round, and very soft, and so I immediately decided fleece was the material of choice. I used my Olaf pattern as a base for Baymax’s tummy, but went even larger in circumference. To obtain that puffy look for baymax, I attached an inner muslin lining to the outer fleece shirt top, and stuffed polyfill between the layers.


The arms were also double layered to hide Nathan’s real arm on the underside of the puffy arm and fingers. The pants were elastic at the waist, and oversized in length and width at the elastic hemmed edge, to give the look of fullness.


The hat was the trickiest part of the design, as my son was clearly not a fan of having his entire face hidden behind the blacked out eye strip. We compromised, and made a cutout for his face, placing the eye detail right above his forehead, and a snap under his chin to bring the sides together.

What excitement ensued as Nathan felt invincible in his new suit, throwing himself on the ground, rolling around, and giving his brother “medicinal hugs” from a big marshmallow man. Baymax is just so lovable, and Nathan definitely personified that in his play! 

Wolf Mask

Wolf Mask


What an exciting adventure to think about costuming my first musical. Of course I sew, but could I attempt something this big? Would I make the deadlines? Is my talent and skills enough to meet the task? Do you ask yourself these questions too? They used to always hold me back from saying yes. I didn’t often believe in myself, especially if it was a job type circumstance. Volunteer positions were low risk and easier to commit to.

I decided to go all in anyways, jumping in mid-musical season in 2017 to pull together remaining looks for the cast members of Beauty and the Beast, Jr. I was honored to be asked by my friend and thoroughly enjoyed working with her and these kids. Most of the main character costumes were rented at Costume Castle in Loveland Ohio. We rented Lumiere, Cogsworth, Gaston, Beast, and Mrs Potts, and a few others.


Still with gaps in our support cast, I learned how to reach out to local community theatres in our area to borrow costumes, form new relationships, and rent from a few local schools. I didn’t realize it then, but how valuable this information would be for me for years to come. 

The world of costumes occasionally collide with props, and when you need a mask is it a prop or costume accessory? We searched all over for wolf looks for a few young boys who would end up taunting Belle in the Forrest. I made a wolf headpiece out of fur as my first attempt, thinking we would paint the kids’ faces and give them a tail. But then who would paint the faces on? I mentioned the idea to my super crafty husband, and within minutes Steven had a tangible solution to the Wolf costume.


Steven remembered he had referenced the Cannon website before for costume mask ideas, and so when he pulled up, we knew it was just what we needed!

With Steven’s knowledge of Eva foam construction (for how to videos we recommend watching Evil Ted on YouTube), he decided the masks would be more durable and stay low cost if made out of craft foam. He purchased the black, brown and white sheets of medium thick foam at Hobby Lobby, used the templates from Creative Park and adhered them with contact cement.

To give the masks a more real feel, we added felt manes to the back of each mask. I bought a yard of each color of felt, and hot glued the cut pieces to the back of the mask, while still allowing plenty of room to get them on one’s head.

We tried them out on ourselves to make sure they worked!


Three masks were made, and one of those three was changed up a bit to become the lead Wolf. On his face, his colors were different, a scar was added to his eye, and his ear notched out as if in a fight. The masks were a huge success, were fun to play with, easy to see out of, and lightweight and durable. 

We hope you’ll find the enjoyment of using this free pattern too for your musical, or personal use! 

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Wonder Woman Costume

Wonder Woman Costume


In April 2019, I had the privilege of participating in my first fashion show in a local showcase, Clash Dayton. Since I was in the middle of costuming a musical, I entered a simple sheath dress as my only look. It was a grand event, and I’ve never felt so special getting my own model, full makeup, hair, and professional photos done! 

This fall, on September 21, I’m excited to put in a full line of six costume masterpieces to be showcased in the fashion show! I’m pretty giddy about it, but grinding into the work at the same time! 

The first costume of six I’m creating from scratch is Wonder Woman from the 2017 movie. Her look will be 100% constructed of different thicknesses of EVA foam, contact cement, some pleather for the skirt, and zero sewing! 


I started by adjusting my dress form to my model’s size, then wrapping it with plastic wrap and then duct tape. This strategy enabled me to make a pattern for the foam pieces on the bodice. I looked at the movie picture to draw the lines onto the duct tape with a sharpie. I only drew one side, since the opposite side would be a mirror image. I labeled the pieces, and then cut the duct tape shell off the mannequin at the back, and cut up my pattern pieces. 




After the pattern pieces are made, they become the templates for the foam. I purchased about 15 sheets of ⅜” thick EVA foam from hobby lobby. Before I could apply the pattern pieces, I needed a base layer. I went back to my mannequin, and made a solid foam bust form with cups.

I decided my attachment point would be at my model’s side, since there was so much detail in the center back pieces. I cut the foam bust at the side, and did a test run with the foam pieces, using masking tape to adhere each foam pattern piece down. Adjustments definitely needed to be made, but once I had a good fit, I glued each piece onto the under bust form with contact cement.

I prefer contact over glue gun, because the hold is much greater.


As of today, I have the front bust, headpiece, arm band, and arm cuffs fully completed.  Work is still progressing with the back details and leg grieves, with my first fitting next week.

The next look I’ll be starting will be the original Lynda Carter Wonder Woman look. This epic look will no doubt rave the crowds! I can’t wait to show you!

Easy Shorts Pattern

Easy Shorts Pattern

Last week I had the privilege of helping with a local Fashion Camp. I teach kids to sew regularly, but this event was special since I taught 5 girls at a time to not only sew for the first time, but to make a piece of clothing as their first project. While most chose to make a simple skirt, two girls made shorts.

Fashion Camp

For the skirt pattern, I followed the tutorial of Dana Willard from She has such a simple formula for taking your waist measurement and multiplying it by 1.5, and that’s your skirt length. Then you measure from your waist to where you want the length of your skirt to hit, and add 3”. That gives you the width. The girls chose their material from a selection of calicos and solids. The only other notions you need are thread and some 1” non-roll elastic.

Fashion Camp

For the two girls making shorts, my go to pattern is from The City Gym Shorts are a free pattern, accurate to cut and wear, and fits from children through adult. I use it all the time! Their pattern for the shorts directs you to cut curved side seams and apply bias tape to the edges. I have made some like this and they are cute, but when I teach for a beginner, I omit the bias edging and square off the curved side edges. Download the pattern today!

Typically, when I am in my sewing room, it is to work on projects for others. Working on projects for others is a joy, but I find I don’t often leave enough room to make myself, or my kids, something fun!

Shorts Pattern
Shorts Pattern

After completing an alteration the other night, I went right into making a pair of City Gym Shorts for myself out of this amazing rayon blend my friend Debbie had given me. They are such a quick, 1 hour project, that my soul can often be satisfied! They are so comfortable in fact, that I wore them the entire next day!

Shorts Pattern

If your wardrobe is lacking in shorts or summer skirts, I highly recommend you make yourself a pair! 

Shorts Pattern

Sewing a pair of shorts is one of the easiest sewing projects to get started with. I created this pair for my niece to wear in Paris last summer. The patterns are so easy to follow that my son made a pair for the neighbor down the street!

Easy Shorts Pattern

What are you waiting for? Go get started!

Jesse Toy Story Costume

Jesse Toy Story Costume

I spent a lot of time making my son’s Blue Jay costume for Halloween so I needed to come up with something for myself quickly. 

After looking in my closet and a quick trip to the thrift store and Walmart I had all I needed to create Jesse from Toy Story.


Supplies Needed:

  • Hat (Thrift Store)
  • Red spray paint  
  • White Shirt (Thrift Store)
  • Jeans  (Old Pair)
  • Red acrylic Paint
  • Belt
  • Cow print fabric 
  • Yellow fabric
  • Thick white ribbon 
  • White rope


I spray painted the hat red. After it dried, I hot glued a wide white ribbon around the top. 

I punched holes around the rim and threaded white rope through the holes.

I matched up the cow print fabric to my jeans and traced the front of each leg. 

I cut out a panel for each leg and then sewed the panels onto the front of my jeans.

I sewed yellow fabric to the top and cuffs of the white shirt.

I used red acrylic paint to add the trim and design to the top and cuffs of the shirt.

I braided my hair and used make up to add freckles to my cheeks. 

This was a quick and simple last minute costume.

Halloween success!

We Trick or Treat in my sister’s neighborhood each year. This year, my sister took all the kids around the neighborhood while my husband and I stayed behind to pass out candy.  I bought Moana for my niece and my little guy wanted to wear his pumpkin costume from last year. 

I had a blast! I loved seeing all the costumes from kids in the neighborhood!  

While my costume took an afternoon, my husband”s costume took weeks. I will have to write an entire post about how he created his HALO suit out of EVA Foam.